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ॐ TOP 50 Insane Psytrance Drops ॐ. Kbps MB Play. Baixar. Psy Trance Astrix Optical Vibes. Kbps MB Play. BAIXAR PSY TRANCE ASTRIX OPTICAL VIBES - Neste " TIP Singles 2 " a editora de Raja Ram e Graham Wood conseguiu sintetizar de forma exímia uma . PSY TRANCE ASTRIX OPTICAL VIBES BAIXAR - Xformer eternity trance psychedelic psytrance metamorforestart coletivotorus toruscrew rave psytrancefamily.

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CD2 3 Cosma - Nonstop. Psynina - No Dominion Aerospace - Fire Rmx Desde muito cedo sonhava em se tornar uma djane. Sesto Sento - Rollercoaster Cada ano que passa, o nosso país vai conhecendo um crescimento da comunidade artística, sinónimo de enaltecimento da cena nacional e de enobrecimento do movimento psy-trance. D- Nox and Beckers - Left Behind. Since more than 15 years now he has been playing in different events around the world or playing dj sets in different radio stations. Ao continuar a usar este site, você concorda com seu uso. Marciana is originally from Brazil but has been resident in Amsterdam since the 90s, where she stayed in the ELF community soon after arriving. O mote artístico deste ano é: Enviar para oendereço de e-mail Seu Nome Seu endereço de e-mail. Agitato Homemade Vol. Atuante na cena através da Metamorforest Art e do Coletivo Torus de Vitória da Conquista — BA, Opticxl é visto como um mensageiro para resgate da ancestralidade de si mesmo e daqueles que o encontrarem. Desde muito cedo optidal There were heart warming smiles as it welcomed various art and culture and no one was judged. Alien Jesus - Open Your Eyes

BAIXAR PSY TRANCE ASTRIX OPTICAL VIBES - Neste " TIP Singles 2 " a editora de Raja Ram e Graham Wood conseguiu sintetizar de forma exímia uma . PSY TRANCE ASTRIX OPTICAL VIBES BAIXAR - Xformer eternity trance psychedelic psytrance metamorforestart coletivotorus toruscrew rave psytrancefamily. Arquivos Relacionados BAIXAR MUSICA SONDA ME ERIKA RODRIGUES Arquivos Relacionados BAIXAR PSY TRANCE ASTRIX OPTICAL VIBES. mscomtl. Download do álbum Quezacoatl, do Pan Papason, lançado no ano de pela Womb Records. V.A. – Dark Trance V.A. – Goa Gil: Music Baba. Download Astrix Muito aguardado pelos fãs, o remix de "The Light" do Astrix finalmente dá as caras. No capítulo 11 da série Trance For Nations, Astrix emplaca faixas inéditas, como o remix de Antiwar, com hits recentes criados pelo artista. . Soniq Vision · Soundaholix · Space Buddha · Space Cat · Space Hypnose.

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O grego Tassos Antonius estava em uma loja de discos na Grécia em quando decidiu que iria começar a produzir. Neelix Neelix é muslcas projeto de Henrik Twardzik, nascido na Alemanha.

É dono do famoso club paulista Club Aque frequentemente recebe grandes nomes do psytrance nacional e internacional.

Durante esse tempo, realizou diversas turnês internacionais: Skazi e Brasil tem uma longa história juntos. Hi Profile O grego Tassos Antonius estava em uma loja de discos na Grécia em quando decidiu que iria começar a produzir. Foi também atleta profissional de bodyboard.

Neelix é o projeto de Henrik Twardzik, nascido na Alemanha. Cantor foi encontrado morto em sua residência, no Reino Unido. Agora vem outra turnê pelo Brasil. Por onde passou sempre foi referência soazi um estilo que nasceu e cresceu do underground e hoje conquista o mundo, com artistas de psytrance espalhados por diversos países.

Banda se preparava para uma nova turnê nos EUA a partir de maio. Espero que vocês tenham gostado do desfile e da minha presença.

» Astrix - One Step Ahead

I e John Aharon aka Mojo inciaram suas carreiras emmas em se conheceram em uma festa, e por intermédio de Karen Bagdasarov aka Bubble formaram o Rising Dust.

Today, Robert can look back on an extremely long list of releases and has gained quite some experience performing his stuff live.


With his 4 music music projects, Robert has released 8 albums so far, CD and digital format, and dozens of single tracks. Might check the Releases section if you're interested in what is available where and how. Number 9 and new Zeitgeist album "tasteless - pointless - Significant! PhonoPhora is Freddie Brice. Raised in the lee of the rugged chaos of the Cairngorm mountains in nothern Scotland, Freddie's music naturaly radiates an organic free spirit merged with warmth and medatative depth.

He also produces. Check out his latest creations on Soundcloud:.


His organic vibes, warming soundscapes and meditative, transcendental beats delve deep into the subconscious taking the mind on an ethereal journey of dance. Back To Goa's founder Aurora presents a mix he recorded live at Psychedelicious club night in the Tunnels nightclub Aberdeen. A more experimental style of psygressive that warmed up the floor from icy cold to a simmering and excited purr. Aurora would like to thank the organisers at Psychedelicious for putting on such a great night in the antient city of granite fame…..

Aurora is a DJ and party promoter from the north of Scotland.

Eletronica! [TRANCE/PSY/HOUSE/DANCE] [Oficial]

He's been involved in the psy-trance scene since the late 90s when he first travelled on winter retreat to Goa for the famous full-moon beach parties in Anjuna and Vagator. Locally Aurora has run several nights in his hometown Inverness and now DJs for the myriad and varied components of Psychedelic Scotland, often guesting at Cosmic Edinburgh and Psychedelicious Aberdeen.

Internationaly he's spun in locations as far flung as Japan and India. He still organizes occasional outdoor parties in wild and remote parts of Scotland his true passion with the invaluable help and support of Cosmic crew and others.

An big exclusive for the show this month. A special Back To Goa mix from one of the masters of space ambient and progressive chill - AstroPilot. AstroPilot Dmitriy Redko hails from the cold and beautiful lands of Siberia in northern Asia and began his experimentation with music back in Since then he's released over 7 albums, many singles and contributed to dozens of compilations wordwide on a plethora of professional labels.

More recently AstroPilot's ethereal soundscapes have become synonymous with the majesty of the nightsky. His music features exclusively in some of the most populor stargazing and astronomy apps such as Star Walk and Solar Walk, and in he produced an original space ambient soundtrack for Event Horizon, a real-time domed environment with objects from the Solar System and Universe.

Details: astropilot In this artist mix AstroPilot sweeps us from floating somnambulism on an astral like trip through the heavens, building energy whilst moving through spheres of playful melodia, psychedelic discordance and warm progressive bliss. An exclusive new year mix from one of the masters of progressive psytrance - and Glitchitonic record stalwart - Pappe Delic. This is without doubt one of the best mixes we've ever hosted on the show - driving, bouncing but layerd with a dark atmosphere of captivating psychedelic textures.

Pappe is a busy guy at the moment and some of this new production work can be sampled in this mix check the tracklist. Then there's 'Variant Beetle Doof' coming soon on pappedelic's new release 'A little drop of sunshine'. Then there's two tracks from a collaboration with Juelz of WDG music under the project "Sick about the truth".

qual e melhor musica RAVE, musica RAVE mesmo? | Yahoo Respostas

We hope you enjoy this treat of unreleased goodies and superb mixing. Play loud and enjoy and happy new year! Hooked up with the Techno scene first in the mid 90's he then came to trance and now stands for stomping progressive music with this dark touch.

Being an event organizer for several years he's really been involved with the scene in germany. With all his experience he knows how to use electronic dance music as a tool to guide people to their psychedelic experiences.

Try catch him playing whenever you can! Smoking Shiva Peace and positive vibes. A Project Headed towards Infinity all are welcome to join The project is Bishal a. After his Lucid Sonic Hyper Dimensional read in his dream meetings with the techno shaman Goa Gil and his wife Ariane his whole life took on a new meaning and a new found glory of living to the will of Existence.

Heavily into the Dark side of the musical Realm exploring different dimension of Death metal and the likes he played with various local Metal bands as vocalist and guitarist from the early nineties and literally lived the rock n roll lifestyle and survived.

He is crazy as hell and his frequency from the Dark side of the Existence provokes the hidden energy from the Kunda within all living beings giving U the Ultimate Reality Check. He may not be your so called technically Proficient Dj or producer but he believes his Craft to be not that of practice but that of letting go and letting the Spirit take over and merging the unconcious of his fellow Humans with the Void from where all life seems to Manifest.

The relaunch! Check out his soundcloud space and bio below.


Peace love and welcome back! Aurora x x. Hailing from the sunny island of Cyprus, I've performed and held various residencies there spinning underground beats at legendary establishments such as Versus, Klub D, Scarabeo, Square and Ballistic where it all began! Whilst residing in the U. K for the past decade, I've performed in London, Manchester and Bristol and also completed a masters and doctorate in Neuroscience.

Currently, I hold a residency at Psychedelicious in Aberdeen and perform various events around Scotland. My aim is simple: to fully immerse you in a sonic psychedelia An exclusive live set from the Frequency Jammers! Kev and Alan have worked together for four years now, producing and playing out their unique live sets, complete with drum machines and guitar.

This set is a recording from a set performed at Cosmic last year. The guys also help organise the Alien Resonance nights and have a busy schedule ahead with appearances at several UK psy festivals including Alchemy, Eden and Magikana.

Get along to hear them live if you can! The guys are also excited by their brand new album 'Off the Grid', soon to be released and containing brand new tracks in addition to new remixes from this set. Back to Goa continues……. The Elf's first mix was a massive hit with the listeners and expect no less from this latest offering…tapping into Rowan's renewed psychedelic spring. Rowan has a big and busy gig schedule ahead….


Cosmos vibration - The eye of gaia 2. Interconnekted - Musical meditation 3. Digicult - Moksha medicine 4. Interconnekted - Holy moment 5. Ajja - Sidewinder 6. Darkshire - Liquid kick in 7. Tookytooky - Illusion world 8. Ajja - Rude alert 9.