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FIFA publishes the names of the players called up by the 32 national squads taking part in the tournament. Transport mode stretches over 39km, cutting through 27 neighbourhoods in Rio de. Pelo menos 3,6 mil torcedores chegaram por volta das 5h30 em um navio da empresa MSC.

At least 3. Sala tem metros quadrados, com 56 monitores integrados e capacidade para proissionais. The square metres room has 56 interconnected monitors and capacity for housing professionals.

New passenger terminal at the Guarulhos airport, with capacity for 12 million passengers per year, is put in operation.

Joint Health Operations Centres start operating. One in each host city, they had the aim of monitoring risky situations, providing emergency responses, conducting health surveillance and promoting disease prevention actions. Estrutura montada no Riocentro forneceu imagens para 86 detentores de direitos de mídia de 41 países e mais de redes de TV licenciadas para o evento.

Structure set up in Riocentro supplied images for 86 media rights holders from 41 countries and over licensed TV networks for the event. Final da Copa do Mundo, no Rio de Janeiro. World Cup inal in Rio de Janeiro. The pinnacle of the competition pitted Germany. After the closing ceremony and minutes of football, the Germans won with a single goal scored by Götze in extra-time. Over 74 thousand people were at the venue to see the Europeans lift the trophy.

Brazil were beaten by Germany in the semi-inals and inished fourth. Foto: Danilo Borges. Ao todo, 25 ministérios e secretarias com status de ministério integraram o comitê. An event as big as the World Cup required an unprecedented governance model, capable of addressing complexity in relation to actions, processes, players and levels involved in its staging.

This effort materialised in the shape of the Responsibility Matrix, document that addressed priority infrastructure investment areas in the 12 host cities like airports, ports, urban mobility, stadiums, security and safety, telecommunications and tourism. The Responsibility Matrix brought together investments that were already needed by the country and that were prioritised due to the opportunity of staging a World Cup.

In addition to listing investments, the document established responsibilities inherent to the federal, state and municipal governments, plus the Federal District. At the final preparation stages, operational planning meetings were held, taking all host cities into consideration. The initiative mobilised 29 federal government bodies, 90 local agencies and 2, managers.

Representatives from the federal, state and municipal governments, as well as from the Local Organising Committee LOC and private partners attended the meetings. In all, 25 ministries and secretariats with status of ministries were part of the committee.

Comprising of six ministries Sport, Cities, Finance, Planning and Tourism , plus the Presidential Staff Office and the Civil Aviation Secretariat, Gecopa coordinated and consolidated actions, set goals and monitored results.

From that point on, a strategic and development plan was put together - involving the federal, state and municipal governments, plus the private initiative - to equip the cities with the best structure possible, aiming at benefits for the population. E que a Copa esbarraria em um suposto gargalo nos aeroportos. A realidade, no entanto, caminhou por trilha diversa. O check-in doméstico demorou, em média, 11 minutos.

Houve um total de mil movimentações, o que corresponde a uma média de cinco pousos ou decolagens por minuto. Outros 45 terminais e 16 bases aéreas integraram o planejamento. Many had predicted airport chaos. That the World Cup would trip over supposed bottlenecks at airports.

However, what we saw was the opposite. Investments in infrastructure ensured that the Passenger flow during the World Cup was On average, thousand passengers were transported every day.

Flights recorded only a 6. On 14 July , day after the final, Brazil broke the passenger record up to that moment, with , in one day, surpassing the , registered at the carnival. The average X-ray inspection time was of , while average baggage reclaim time was of 8 minutes for domestic flights and 28 minutes for international arrivals. Checking into domestic flights took on average 11 minutes.

Passport control took 5 to 7 minutes. A total of thousand landings and takeoffs took place during the World Cup, an average of five per minute. Another 45 terminals and 16 air bases also played a part in the plan. Diretamente na cadeia do turismo, foram 50 mil novos postos.

O comércio registrou aumento no faturamento durante o período do Mundial nas 12 sedes, principalmente nos setores de bares, restaurantes e artigos esportivos. The total number of jobs generated by the World Cup reached close to a million, thousand of them permanent and another thousand temporary positions. The tourism sector saw 50 thousand new positions open up. The survey compares projected impacts generated by the World Cup and information from the Employment and Unemployment Registry Caged , covering the period between January and March Commercial establishments experienced an increase in revenues during the World Cup period in the 12 host cities, particularly bars, restaurants and sport shops.

Brazilian micro and small-sized enterprises also profited. In all, 43, enterprises and individual micro-entrepreneurs got in touch with Sebrae to get ready for the World Cup. The sectors to develop the most were civil construction, tourism and services. Enterprises from other sectors also reaped benefits like creative economy, handicraft, wood and furniture, food production, information and communication technology, fashion textiles and clothing, leather and shoes, gems and jewellery and retail.

As micro e pequenas empresas brasileiras também lucraram. Ao todo, The impact of the World Cup can also be measured by numbers related to job creation and economic repercussion. O foco foi direcionado para empresas que queriam aproveitar as oportunidades oferecidas pelo Mundial para crescer e se ixar no mercado. Foram mapeadas oportunidades de negócios nas capitais dos jogos do Mundial. Focus was on enterprises that wanted to make the most of opportunities offered by the World Cup to grow and consolidate their market position.

Nine hundred and thirty business opportunities were mapped out in World Cup host cities. Em todo o Brasil, representantes de empresas e entidades de 76 setores da economia participaram das ações. Vieram ao país 2. Eles participaram de agendas de negócios com empresas de 18 estados, nos meses de junho e julho de Another indicator of the impact brought about by the mega event can be seen in the shape of the result experienced by foreign business people and national exporters, who took part in initiatives sponsored by the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency Apex-Brasil during the tournament.

Throughout Brazil, representatives from companies and associations from 76 economic sectors took part in such actions. In total, 2, business people, investors and opinion makers from countries came to the country as guests of the World Cup Project. They attended business events and meetings with companies from 18 states between the months of June and July The goal was to strengthen trust between Brazilian enterprises and their partners, in each market sector.

The housing and property development sector had the best result, followed by machines and equipment; food, beverages and agribusiness; technology and health; fashion and services. As perguntas foram feitas no período que precedia a viagem ao Brasil e refeitas após retornarem ao destino de origem.

A survey conducted with the international guests pointed to an increase in how positively Brazilian products and enterprises are seen. The questions were asked before their trip to Brazil and when they returned home.

Foram alocados nessa categoria mil ingressos, de um total de cerca de 3,1 milhões colocados à venda para as 64 partidas. Para as demais categorias 1, 2 e 3 , também foi assegurado o direito à meia-entrada para idosos.

Os estudantes contemplados receberam dois ingressos cada: um para si e outro para um acompanhante maior de idade. Yes, the World Cup is a commercial and private event and the number of tickets available to the public was always going to be much smaller than the national interest in football.

But it would not make sense for a mega sporting event in the country without all sections of the population being represented in any way. As a result, concern with social inclusion began well before the tournament, in the defining of ticket categories for the games, expressed in the World Cup General Bill. Category 4, the cheapest, was allocated exclusively to Brazilian residents, with half price tickets secured for people over sixty, students and Family Grant beneficiaries - federal income transfer programme -.

Four hundred thousand tickets were allocated to this category, from a total of approximately 3. For the other categories 1, 2 and 3 half price tickets were also secured for people over sixty. Another thousand free tickets were given away by FIFA: 50 thousand were given to builders who worked in the remodelling and construction of the 12 World Cup stadiums. The other 50 thousand were given out by the Federal Government. The schools chosen were done so through a ballot draw.

The majority of students in the selected institutions were in a situation of social vulnerability. Students selected were given two tickets each: one for themselves and another for a guardian. The two thousand tickets for indigenous people were give out by the National Indian Foundation Funai and the Inter Tribal Council to various ethnic groups. Esta foi a primeira Copa do Mundo com o serviço. Visually impaired fans had an extra resource at four stadiums: audio description.

The endeavour allowed visually impaired fans to follow World Cup matches with all details and thrills, sitting anywhere in the four arenas. Sixteen volunteers, four in each host city, underwent intensive training, emphasising the stadium experience.

The narration provided additional descriptions of all visually significant information, like body language and facial expressions. This was the first World Cup to offer the service. Foto: Pedr o Bor ge s. Até o apito inicial da partida de abertura da Copa, em 12 de junho, haviam sido construídos ,9 quilômetros de corredores de ônibus e BRTs e 47,9 quilômetros de vias espalhadas pelas 12 sedes.

The World Cup played a driving role: hosting the tournament gave the country the chance to speed up investments in urban mobility improvements that had been needed for years. A rede disponível para atendimento foi mapeada. As doses foram oferecidas de forma gratuita pelo SUS.

A estrutura mobilizou 1,5 mil proissionais entre a estrutura principal, em Brasília, e os centros regionais nas outras 11 sedes. The structure used to ensure that Brazilians and foreign nationals had a prevention and care network available to them ensured no incidents took place. In all, 17, medical care services were provided at stadiums, Fan Fests, public viewing venues and areas with a high number of tourists. The work started with the strategic plan being outlined and discussions held at the Thematic Chamber at the national and state levels.

Integration with host cities was furthered in test-events, like the Galo da Madrugada in Recife and the Parintins Festival, in the state of Amazonas. The care network available was mapped. The 12 host cities were equipped with Samu ambulance service mobile units, 66 medical emergency units UPAs and 67 hospitals, working in an integrated manner. An anti-measles vaccination campaign was rolled out, common disease in Europe, focusing on professionals from the tourism sector.

The shots were provided free of charge by the SUS. Scenarios simulating multiple victim accidents were ran, as well as chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear contamination to prepare emergency teams.

The structure mobilised 1. State and municipal health secretariats set up advanced medical posts near the stadiums, which worked as emergency units UPAs. Levando-se em conta o histórico de outras Copas, o percentual foi abaixo do esperado. Do total de atendimentos, 7. During the World Cup, 0. Taking into account World Cup track record, the percentage was lower than expected. From the total of medical care services provided, 7, were supplied at the arenas, with people having to be moved to health units.

Therefore, Most cases were the result of headaches, hypertension, injuries and not serious falls. Among those who had to be removed, In addition, the National Health Surveillance Agency Anvisa and other sector bodies conducted 10, health inspections in hotels, bars, restaurants and hospitals. They also verified food service providers at the stadiums in coordination with FIFA.

Integration worked as a mantra in security planning. Several security sector bodies ran shared actions from the command and control centres set up in the host cities. In all, there were 12 regional centres and two at the national level in Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro.

Professionals from another 37 countries took part in the endeavour, meeting at the International Police Cooperation Centre. Actions included protecting land and sea borders, surveillance of the air space and strategic facilities, in addition to welcoming and escorting delegations and heads of state, sweeping hotels, stadiums and Team Base Camps, as well as policing the streets. O setor foi um dos mais bem avaliados por estrangeiros que estiveram no Brasil durante a Copa.

The sector was one of the best assessed by foreign nationals who were in Brazil during the World Cup. Actions were guided by four areas: planning, integrated management, intelligence and investment. Capacity-building courses, international seminars for the exchange of experience and simulations of incidents that could take place in the World Cup were staged, to train security professionals to deal with situations like accidents with multiple victims, rescue missions and uproars in the middle of big crowds.

Furthermore, the Confederations Cup threw in the ingredient of the street demonstrations, which broke out throughout the country during the tournament. In addition to the standard of services and training, as well as the command and control centres, the equipment procured by the federal government, which was transferred to the host cities remain behind as legacy.

States were given 27 Mobile Command and Control Centres lorries equipped for monitoring activities , in addition to 12 aerial imaging devices installed on helicopters, able to record and transmit images in real time , anti-bomb robots and 36 elevated observation decks with 12 high resolution cameras able to record, treat and transmit images. Atuaram O efetivo contou com o apoio de 77 aviões, 61 helicópteros e navios e embarcações de menor porte, além de 2.

Na defesa aeroespacial, foram ações de reconhecimento e vigilância, com 2. Houve 5. O Exército protegeu estruturas estratégicas. Além disso, foram feitas escoltas com batedores, ações de reforço e segurança nos locais de hospedagem e nos CTs. Nos aeroportos e bases aéreas, somaram-se ações de receptivo, envolvendo chefes de Estado e delegações oficiais. O tempo médio de permanência no aeroporto foi de 30 minutos. A Polícia Federal. Security integration for the World Cup went through the Joint Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, who coordinated the defence related actions.

In all, Overall, 13, navy, 39, army and 8, air force personnel were deployed. They had the support of 77 aeroplanes, 61 helicopters, ships and smaller vessels, in addition to 2, official vehicles and motorcycles. The Armed Forces also worked in ten typically military areas, such as air space protection, sea and river defence, inspection of explosives and cyber defence.

In air space defence, reconnaissance and surveillance missions were conducted, with a total of 2, flying hours. The Navy conducted 5, patrol and inspection activities. The Army protected strategic structures. Defence operations included inspections and the sweeping of stadiums, Team Base Camps, hotels, airports, air bases and delegation convoys.

Furthermore, escorts using outriders were conducted, as well as reinforcement and security missions at lodgings and at Team Base Camps. O objetivo foi evitar tumultos, veriicar a autenticidade dos ingressos e impedir a entrada de objetos proibidos.

A PM foi acionada e deteve os estrangeiros. Eles foram autuados pela Polícia Federal e tiveram 72 horas para deixar o país, sem poder regressar durante o período do Mundial.

At airports and air bases, actions for the arrival of heads of state and official delegations were carried out. The average time spent at the airport was of 30 minutes. The Federal Police stopped foreign nationals from coming into the country due to problems with their documents, or because they had been black listed. Argentina 87 , United States 67 , Nigeria 47 and China 41 were the countries with the biggest number of these cases.

On the private front, FIFA hired 20, stewards security guards , who worked on access control and public inspection at the arenas and Fan Fests. The goal was to avoid trouble, check whether tickets were fake and stop banned objects from coming in. Stewards acted in integration with public security forces, which had personnel ready to provide rapid responses. The police were deployed and seized the foreign nationals. They were charged by the Federal Police and given 72 hours to leave the country, without being able to return during the World Cup.

A sustentabilidade foi um dos pilares da Copa do Mundo de no Brasil. A estratégia repercutiu na FIFA, que se propôs a adotar o critério como requisito em edições seguintes do Mundial.

Sustainability was one of the pillars of the World Cup in Brazil. The strategy touched FIFA and they decided to adopt the criterion as a prerequisite for the next editions of the tournament. Among innovative processes put in practice, the following stand out: the reuse and recycling of debris from demolition work, selective waste collection, the use of certified wood and collection of rainwater for irrigating the pitch, as well as to be used in the lavatories.

Some arenas invested in solar power. A entidade tem um sistema internacional usado em países com o objetivo de orientar construtores e classiicar ediicações. The World Cup was the first in history with environmentally certified stadiums. They have an international system used in countries, with the goal of guiding developers and classifying buildings. The project presented innovations like the photovoltaic plant on the rooftop, able to capture solar energy and turn it into electricity.

O canteiro de obras da Arena das Dunas, em Natal, produziu mensalmente entre duas e quatro toneladas de resíduos. The building site of the Dunas Arena in Natal produced between two and four tons of waste every month. All recyclable material was collected, separated and handed over to cooperatives, which screened it and sold the product to the recycling industry. A maioria do material empregado para cobrir as arenas tem propriedade autolimpante.

The technology employed at the stadiums allowed for material related savings, such as the roofs made of prestressed cables, which use less steel, like at the Fonte Nova Arena in Salvador.

Most of the material employed to cover the arenas is self-cleaning. The teflon and fibreglass membranes do not accumulate dirt and dust does not stick to the material, like at the Mané Garrincha National Stadium in Brasilia. This reduces the internal temperature and the need for air conditioning. At the BeiraRio in Porto Alegre, the foiled shaped roof is divided by a see-through membrane that facilitates internal lighting and saves energy. The architectural projects favour natural lighting and ventilation.

Durante a Copa do Mundo, em média, 57 mil pessoas utilizaram os modais a cada jogo. There is a train and a metro station metres away from the venue.

During the World Cup, on average, 57 thousand people used public transport to get to each game. The mega event enabled the direct hiring of 1.

In addition, professionals were trained to work inside the arenas, through a programme developed by FIFA and its partners. Em caso de uma ter problemas, haveria uma segunda pronta para garantir a estabilidade do serviço.

As imagens foram distribuídas para mais de emissoras de TV de dezenas de países, sem interrupções. A infraestrutura instalada icou como legado para as redes metropolitanas.

A 15 thousand kilometre optical fibre network provided the infrastructure support to the data traffic volume. With a 30 gigabyte per second transmission capacity at each stadium, a double redundant network was assembled. In case of any problems, a second network would come online to ensure service stability. This infrastructure allowed for terabytes in data volume to be broadcast. Images were distributed to over TV networks from dozens of countries without interruption.

In order to build and operate this 15 thousand kilometre long network, Telebras mobilised direct staff, in addition to 72 professionals from partner companies and vendors. The installed infrastructure was left behind as a legacy for the metropolitan networks. In order to ensure that fans could make the most of the experience at stadiums and places with high people flow at host cities, 15 thousand mobile telephone antennas were put up.

Carriers installed 10 thousand kilometres of optical fibres in host cities. Foto: Get t yImage s. Destas, 3.

The telecommunications sector played a sort of parallel World Cup, as challenging as the one staged on the pitch. As operadoras instalaram 10 mil quilômetros de ibras ópticas nas cidades-sede. Durante as 64 partidas do Mundial, foram feitas 4,5 milhões de ligações telefônicas e enviadas 48,5 milhões de fotos.

Durante o jogo inal, houve milhões de interações no Facebook, um recorde. No Twitter, mais de 32 milhões de mensagens. No período do Mundial, foram vendidos 16,1 mil chips de celular para estrangeiros e outros mil visitantes usaram o serviço de roaming. During the 64 World Cup matches, 4.

At the same time, interactions on social networks surpassed 3 billion, making the World Cup the biggest event in relation to these platforms on the planet until then.

During the final, a record breaking million interactions were registered on Facebook. Over 32 million messages were sent on Twitter. Having over a million foreign nationals visiting the country helped boost the communications market. During the World Cup, All arenas had dual power supply. With big construction projects, no electricity supply related incident was recorded. In addition to reliable services at the stadiums, interventions reinforced local networks at Fan Fests, hotels, airports, hospitals and train and metro station in the 12 host cities.

Em campo, foram 32 seleções. Mas, para a festa que a Copa do Mundo evoca, espalhada por todo o Brasil, recebemos representantes de nada menos que países. De acordo com pesquisa do Ministério do Turismo, vieram para o país, entre 23 de maio e 13 de julho de , 1. Eles conheceram municípios brasileiros e icaram, em média, 15,7 dias em território nacional.

Thirty-two national sides took to the pitch. But, representatives from no less than countries came to Brazil to attend the World Cup party that took place throughout the nation. According to a survey by the Ministry of Tourism, between 23 May and 13 July , 1,, foreign nationals visited Brazil, a number much higher than the original forecast of thousand. However, travellers did not just visit the host cities. They visited Brazilian municipalities and stayed on average, Fortaleza foi a cidade que registrou a maior procura à véspera e no dia de um jogo especíico.

Fortaleza was the city with the highest number of people looking for accommodation on the day before and the day when a specific match was on. For In June, when the World Cup started, growth in foreign spending was Actions involved construction, refurbishment and extension works in Tourist Information Offices, as well as remodelling efforts aimed at adapting tourist attractions to accessibility requirements and putting up signage.

In addition to improving infrastructure, the Federal Government invested in the capacity-building of professionals from the tourism sector, offering dozens of courses through the National Access to Vocational Training and Employment Programme Pronatec.

In all, thousand vacancies were made available throughout the country, for free lessons offered by Senac, Senai, Sesc and Sesi, as well as other federal and state education institutions.

Também circularam pelo país, durante a Copa, 3. De acordo. In addition to the foreign visitors, 3,, Brazilians travelled through the country during the World Cup.

According to a study conducted by the Brazilian Forum of Hotel Operators. Na segunda janela de inscrições, para a Copa do Mundo, houve No Mundial, após treinamentos presenciais e virtuais, os mais de 18 mil selecionados atuaram nas 12 sedes.

As soon as applications were open in February , over 40, thousand people showed interest in welcoming and guiding visitors, fans and journalists during the Confederations Cup, test-event held between 15 and 30 June In the second window of opportunity, 46, candidates applied to work as volunteers at the World Cup. After traditional and virtual training courses, the over 18 thousand volunteers selected wotrked in the 12 host cities. A partnership agreement was signed with the University of Brasilia UnB , which allowed candidates to undergo previous training.

In addition to UnB, the traditional format training course. Os que optaram por atuar nos aeroportos izeram, ainda, um curso online, oferecido pela Infraero, com um panorama das normas nos aeroportos.

Todos atuaram em turnos de quatro horas. As cidades, em contrapartida, ofereceram transporte gratuito. Cooperativas e associações forneceram sucos orgânicos, castanhas, barras de cereais com baru e açaí, frutas desidratadas, mel, biscoitos integrais e sequilhos. All those who completed the training stages were awarded certificates, valid as an extension course. Those who chose to work at airports also did an online course offered by Infraero, which provided an overview of airport standards.

As a result of the training package offered, volunteers were able to provide fans with information related to routes to stadiums, transport modes and tips for days out and tourist sites. Everyone worked in fourhour shifts. As a matching action, cities offered free transport. An example of this coordination effort was seen in the 7. Cooperatives and associations supplied organic juices, nuts, baru and açaí cereal bars, dehydrated fruit, honey, wholemeal biscuits and crackers.

Os porta-vozes do Ministério do Esporte foram protagonistas em centenas de ações de relacionamento com a imprensa nacional e estrangeira. Entre as atividades realizadas, estavam entrevistas exclusivas, coletivas de imprensa e agendas especiais na Inglaterra, Espanha, Portugal, França, Estados Unidos, Suíça, Chile e Argentina, além de dezenas de cidades brasileiras. Paralelamente, houve press tours com jornalistas de agências internacionais nas 12 sedes. Foram produzidos e distribuídos releases para mailing nacional e regional.

With so many players involved at different levels, a multifaceted communication strategy had to be created to ensure a unified official discourse. Other Federal Government levels, like the Secretariat for Social Communication of the Presidency of the Republic Secom and Embratur also played important roles in the communication action strategy. Ministry of Sport spokespeople acted as protagonists in hundreds of relationship actions with the national and foreign press.

Activities included exclusive interviews, press conferences and special appointments in the UK, Spain, Portugal, France, United States, Switzerland, Chile and Argentina, in addition to dozens of Brazilian cities and towns.

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At the same time, press tours were conducted with international agency journalists in the 12 host cities. Press releases were written to be handed out to national and regional mailing lists. The production routine included the weekly distribution of radio newsletters to over 1, associated stations, permanent activities with the regional press in the 12 host cities and weekly articles by the minister, sent to 26 newspapers in 23 states. The World Cup Portal was the result of a coordination effort between ministries and Secom, which allowed the website www.

The concept behind the website was to encourage partnership between ministries for the exchange of content and publicising information. Launched officially on 16 September , a thousand days before kick-off, the World Cup Portal centralised content produced by all of the Federal Government and the 12 host cities.

Furthermore, it worked as a primary information source for regional, national and foreign press outlets.


A partir de conversas com atletas, ex-atletas, jornalistas que izeram a cobertura da Copa de — a primeira realizada no Brasil —, artistas, especialistas e personagens relevantes, o site traçou retratos dos cinco títulos nacionais. Through interviews, profiles and special stories and videos, the World Cup Portal also worked to show how important football and the World Cup are for the Brazilian people. Based on conversations with athletes, former athletes, journalists who covered the World Cup - the first held in Brazil -, artists, experts and relevant characters, the website portrayed the five national titles.

In April , the World Cup Portal went through a graphic revamp, increasing its reach and achieving the status of public news agency. In this phase, it was widely used as a source of information on the organisation and staging of the Confederations Cup, in June Between its launch in and the end of the World Cup, on 14 July day after the closing ceremony , the website. O canal de vídeo do Portal da Copa youtube.

Dezenas de vídeos foram legendados em inglês e em espanhol. O Twitter chegou a mil seguidores. No período da Copa, foram realizadas 2. Segundo informações do próprio Twitter, o copagov foi um dos canais mais completos de cobertura da Copa do Mundo, dentro e fora de campo. O peril do Facebook atraiu mil seguidores e teve alcance médio, na Copa, de quatro milhões de peris.

O Instagram chegou a 3. The World Cup Portal video channel youtube. The videos were about stadiums, information on the progress of construction works, as well as interviews with former World Cup winners and special reports. Dozens of videos were subtitled in English and Spanish. Twitter reached thousand followers. At the time, it became the profile with the highest number of follower among all the ministries.

During the World Cup, 2, posts were published. The messages reached a total of According to information from Twitter itself, copagov was one of the most complete channels providing World Cup coverage, on and off the pitch. The Facebook page attracted thousand followers and during the tournament, had an average reach of 4 million profiles. In partnership with the World Cup Portal, they covered the 12 host cities, addressing issues like matches, mobility, fans, tourists and volunteers in posts published from 12 June to 13 July Instagram reached 3, followers.

Another important tool was the Volunteer Portal www. From January to July , the site registered thousand visitors and 5. It was the channel used for all communication with the 46, people who applied to the programme. Outra ferramenta importante foi o Portal do Voluntariado www. The number of pages visualised totalled Content production included 9, pieces of news in Portuguese, 1, in English and 1, in Spanish. Durante o torneio, mais de 10 mil jornalistas, de 83 países, foram atendidos nos Centros Abertos de Mídia, instalados nas 12 sedes.

Foram identiicadas mais de 35 mil matérias sobre o Brasil veiculadas em todo o mundo. As part of an unprecedented initiative in World Cup history, the Secretariat for Social Communication of the Presidency of the Republic Secom adopted an integrated communication strategy to provide information on Brazil and support the international press, who came to the country to cover the tournament.

During the competition, services were provided to over 10 thousand journalists from 83 countries in Open Media Centres set up in the 12 host cities. Over 35 thousand pieces on Brazil were identified and broadcast throughout the world. The action included press conferences with official spokespeople, cultural events and visits to places of interest in each host city. This enabled news agencies, newspapers, and television and radio broadcasters to diversify coverage.

Press professionals had workstations, wireless internet, radio booths and infrastructure for live streaming of images available to them. Over 20 bilingual press officers worked in the support team, trained to help press professionals in fact checking for their pieces. The government also made available to TV networks from all over the world, an image database of the host cities to be used as they saw fit.

All content produced by the centre like press releases, interviews with officials and video footage of the press conferences was published on the World Cup Portal. In the Open Media Centres at the other 11 host cities, the Federal Government also played an important role, particularly in structuring the teams.

Over 60 press officers were deployed to assist with press relations. A Copa das Confederações foi realizada de 15 a 30 de junho de , em seis cidades. The Confederations Cup was held from 15 to 30 June in six host cities. The other competitors were Mexico, Nigeria, Japan and Tahiti. Mesmo diante do imenso desaio adicional imposto pelas manifestações de rua que mobilizaram milhões de pessoas e ocorreram em diversas capitais durante o período do evento, o esquema de segurança montado foi bem sucedido.

Despite the additional challenge presented by the demonstrations on the street, which mobilised thousands of people and took place in several capital cities during the event, the security arrangements put in place were successful.

Based on the integration of forces, training and purchase of monitoring equipment, the operational plan ensured that delegations and fans were able to watch the matches at stadiums, as well as public viewing areas. As semiinais foram disputadas em Fortaleza e Belo Horizonte. With the exception of the federal capital, which only hosted the opening match on 15 June, between Brazil and Japan, the other five arenas held three matches each.

The semi-finals were held in Fortaleza and Belo Horizonte. According to FIFA, the competition broke viewing records in some of the main world markets. Foto: D anilo Bor ge s.

Brazil beat the Mexicans in Fortaleza and secured an excellent result against the Azzurra: , in Salvador. Italy qualified as runners-up of Group A, as they also beat the Mexicans and Japan, in a thrilling seven goal match Na semiinal, o Brasil superou o Uruguai em jogo difícil, decidido quase no im com um gol de Paulinho: 2 x 1.

Desta vez, o goleiro Bufon da Azzurra defendeu três cobranças e garantiu a medalha de bronze. Nos 3 x 0, foram dois gols de Fred e um de Neymar. Spain won Group B with three victories: the then World Cup holders beat Uruguay , first timers Tahiti with a thrashing and Nigeria Uruguay finished second, beating Nigeria and the Tahitians With a team made up of amateurs practically, Tahiti won over Brazilian fans and admirers throughout the host cities they travelled to.

In the semi-final, Brazil beat Uruguay in a tough match, won almost at the end with a goal by Paulinho: In the other match, Spain and Italy were the protagonists of an epic minute battle, which finished goalless. Still goalless after extra-time, the match was decided in a penalty shoot-out, with Spain going through winning it Brazil won , with Fred getting on the scoresheet twice and Neymar once.

Neymar won the Golden Ball award, given to the best player in the competition. In the third place play-off in Salvador, Italy needed penalties to beat Uruguay, after a draw in regular time. No total, A taxa de permanência na cidade foi de 5,9 dias. Os albergues tiveram o maior aumento na parcela de hospedagem. The state of Minas Gerais experienced unprecedented international exposure during the World Cup.

If before the tournament the state played host to 54 thousand foreign tourists a year on average, this figure reached thousand during the time the competition was on.

In addition to boosting the economy, having the visitors over led to some traditional areas being restored and the capital city stamped its place on the international tourism map. In total, , tourists visited Belo Horizonte. The length of stay in the city was of 5. Hostels corresponded to the biggest increase in lodgings.

In , 1. The World Cup triggered the restoration of tourist areas in Belo Horizonte. The Savassi region, place where there are a lot of bars and restaurants, turned into a meeting point for. Duzentas mil pessoas estiveram nos eventos da Savassi. Two hundred thousand people attended events at Savassi. Sistema de ônibus articulado, o BRT começou a funcionar em fevereiro de No período da Copa, eram 25 quilômetros de corredores exclusivos.

Traffic planning for match days in Belo Horizonte encouraged the use of public transport. Articulated bus system, the BRT began operating in February During the World Cup, there were 25 kilometres of exclusive bus lanes. Minas Gerais contou com um efetivo de 60 mil agentes de segurança durante a Copa. The state of Minas Gerais deployed 60 thousand security agents during the World Cup. Over 1, cameras were positioned in streets, airports, metro stations, around Expominas and places with a high concentration of people.

Durante o Mundial, o aeroporto recebeu 1,11 milhões passageiros. No dia 8 de julho, data da semiinal entre Brasil e Alemanha, o recorde de movimento de aeronaves foi superado, com movimentos.


Espaço de entretenimento, a Fun Zone no aeroporto mineiro recebeu mil pessoas. During the World Cup, 1. On 8 July, the day of the Brazil and Germany semi-final, the record for the number of aircraft arrivals and departures was broken. Despite the intense demand, the average rate of delay stood at 7. Entertainment space, the Fun Zone at the local airport played host to thousand people.

O Uruguai treinou em Sete Lagoas. A presença das delegações proporcionou grande luxo de jornalistas e torcedores estrangeiros no estado.

Play Way - Salvador Fest - Escolha uma Categoria - Sua Música

Uruguay chose Sete Lagoas. Having the delegations over meant a great flow of foreign journalists and fans in the state.

The 45 music acts and matches attracted a crowd of , people for the 15 days the Fan Fest was on in Belo Horizonte. In the five days Brazil was playing, the Expominas Conventions Centre reached its maximum capacity of 21 thousand people. At the Fan Fests, visitors were able to taste some of the local cuisine. In all, 3. A primeira partida foi entre Colômbia e Grécia, em 14 de junho. Os colombianos venceram por 3 x 0. Três dias depois, a Bélgica derrotou a Argélia por 2 x 1. A Argentina também jogou na capital mineira.

The first Olympic title won by Brazil at the Rio Games, against Germany, also contributed to turn this page. Still, the will probably continue to resonate for generations, as a bitter tasting end of party for the World Cup hosts.

The first game saw Colombia take to the pitch against Greece on 14 June. The Colombians won Three days later, Belgium beat Algeria Argentina also played in the capital of Minas Gerais.

With a beautiful goal by Lionel Messi, they beat Iran on 21 June. The only goalless draw took place on 24 June between Costa Rica and England. Ainda assim, os 7 x 1 devem seguir ecoando por gerações como retrato de um im de festa com gosto amargo para os anitriões do Mundial de In the semi-final held on 8 July, Brazil was thrashed by Germany by the unbelievable score of The score became a symbol of the lack of faith in national football, which had to be reinvented in the following years to arrive at a new level of credibility, qualifying early and convincingly for the Russia World Cup in , under the helm of manager Tite.

On 28 June, the match against Chile ended , after regular and extra-time. Brazil went through on penalties, with goalkeeper Julio César defending two efforts.

Se cada uma das 12 sedes da Copa do Mundo tem sua singularidade, a de Brasília, seguramente, é a arquitetura. Planejada com vias largas, monumentos que se integram à paisagem urbana e repleta de parques, a capital do país teve a sua parcela de protagonismo no megaevento. Planned with wide roads, monuments that blend in with the urban landscape and full of parks, the federal capital city played its part in the mega event.

Por esses e outros fatores, Desses, Out of these, , were foreign visitors. And if the federal capital city was invaded by our neighbours, it also stood out playing host to African national squads. Out of the five African teams, four played in the city.

Brasilia also had the opportunity of hosting two Brazil matches. In addition to sporting, natural and cultural attractions, infrastructure helped to ensure a positive assessment by visitors.

O espaço ganhou guarda-corpos, elevadores e escadas rolantes, equipamentos de melhoria da acessibilidade, além de um Centro de Atendimento ao Turista CAT. The TV Tower, about metres from the stadium, underwent structural and finishing renovation, on the ground floor and in the area that connects the plot of land with the traditional handicraft fair.

The venue got new guardrails, lifts and escalators, accessibility improvement equipment, as well as a Tourist Information Office CAT. Between the TV Tower and bus station, the first stage of construction of the Burle Marx Garden was completed, which included pavements, cycle lanes and a landscaping project for green areas. Outros pontos turísticos, como a Catedral, o Congresso Nacional e a Praça dos Três Poderes receberam um luxo adicional.

Dentre esses, eram estrangeiros. In order to guide visitors, the local government put up 1, bilingual signs pointing out tourist sites. Twemty-three Tourist Information Offices, including mobile units set up in vans , assisted 55 thousand parties. Os 23 Centros de Atendimento ao Turista, incluindo os móveis instalados em vans , registraram 55 mil atendimentos.

Other tourist sites like the Cathedral, National Congress and the Three Powers Square also registered an additional flow of visitors. The Planalto Palace reached an average of visits per day — over six thousand people visited the headquarters of the Executive Power from 10 June to 13 July.

Among them, foreign nationals. The Republic Museum also saw a lot of visitors come through. With exhibitions and varied artistic programme, it reached seven thousand visitors in one day. The supply of beds was increased by the Bed and Breakfast Programme, which offered houses as alternative accommodation. Around guests stayed in households that registered with the programme. A primeira etapa da reforma do Aeroporto Internacional Juscelino Kubitschek foi concluída pelo Consórcio Inframérica após 17 meses de obras.

A capacidade de receber passageiros do terminal passou de 16 milhões para 21 milhões por ano. O comércio foi aquecido. Local businesses felt the positive effects. Com as novidades, a capacidade do aeroporto chegou a 25 milhões de passageiros por ano. The centre was equipped with a 2. Meeting rooms, crisis room, safe room and 60 work stations added to the space, which housed several agencies involved in the operations. The federal capital city also housed the International Police Cooperation Centre CCPI , which was used by around professionals from 37 countries for the exchange of information.

The Armed Forces deployed 3. Nas datas de jogos, 3. O Distrito Federal adquiriu 1. Every day, 1, security professionals provided support to the Fan Fest. The Federal District procured 1, new vehicles, among airplanes, helicopters, lorries, normal and special cars, motorcycles and vans. After 17 months of renovation works undertaken by the Inframerica Group, the first stage of the remodelling project of the Juscelino Kubitschek International Airport was delivered. Two wings were built in the arrivals area, one north and the other south, increasing the number of boarding bridges from 13 to The airport now has 95 check-in counters there were 71 before , around 80 shops, 13 X-ray machines, more car park spaces and new lavatories.

The runways and yard were renovated, with 41 remote positions, which were renovated and increased. Improvements allowed for a total of 1. The Argentinians topped the rank with direct flights from Buenos Aires. Centro político do país, Brasília abrigou algumas das mais importantes estruturas de segurança para a Copa.

Os argentinos icaram no topo do ranking, com voos diretos a partir de Buenos Aires. Passengers arriving at the Airport and travelling to Brasilia City Centre were able to do so faster, as the construction works of overpass DF were finished at the beginning of May Stretching over m, m of which as a tunnel, the structure facilitates traffic flow in the region, where around 80 thousand vehicles come through every day.

Após um ano exato de espera, o momento mais aguardado chegou em 15 de junho de , quando Suíça e Equador entraram em campo para o primeiro jogo da Copa do Mundo. A torcida equatoriana vibrou primeiro, quando Enner Valencia abriu o placar, mas quem saiu comemorando foram os suíços, com o gol da virada por 2 x 1, aos 48 do segundo tempo. Fans who opted for public transport - metro or bus - to get to the stadium were able to get off at the bus station and conclude the rest of the 1. On average, 40 thousand people used public transport every match day.

Na partida seguinte, o amarelo tomou conta das arquibancadas e a Colômbia venceu por 2 x 1 a Costa do Marim. O Taguaparque recebeu a estrutura com capacidade para até 70 mil pessoas.

The benefits brought about by the World Cup reached Taguatinga, an administrative region in the Federal District, where the Fan Fest stage was set up, 20 kilometres away from the Brasilia City Centre. Taguaparque housed the structure, with capacity for up to 70 thousand people. A total of , visited the venue over the three-week period. Os africanos também deram adeus ao torneio.

After almost two years of construction works, standing 46 metres tall, the Mané Garrincha National Stadium was officially opened in May Exactly a year later, the most awaited moment arrived when Switzerland took to the pitch against Ecuador on 15 June The match was the first World Cup match held at the stadium. The Ecuadorian fans went crazy when Enner Valencia opened the score, but the Swiss would get the last laugh, coming back from behind and winning , with a goal in the 93rd minute.

In the following match, yellow took over the stands as Colombia beat the Ivory Coast The third game raised expectations, as Brazil would take to the pitch. With hard marking and slick passing, Brazil cruised to a win over Cameroon. Neymar had a great game and scored the th goal of the competition. Brazil left the stadium in first place in their group, while the Africans were the last. The fourth match staged at the Mané Garrincha Stadium saw the best player in the world take to pitch: Cristiano Ronaldo.

The African side also bid the tournament goodbye. Both teams had their moments, but in the end, the French striking force was too much, scoring twice in the last 25 minutes, hitting the bar and making keeper Enyeama pull out some good saves: When it was established that Argentina and Belgium would play in Brasilia, an Argentinian invasion was expected.

The goal was scored in the 8th minute, when Higuaín drilled the ball from the edge of the box. The last game was perhaps the only case in which the local fans did not want to see Brazil play at the Mané Garrincha Stadium, as they would only return to Brasilia if they did not make it to the final. After being beaten in the semi-finals, Brazil took to the pitch in the third place playoff against the Netherlands.

Result: The Dutch won In fact, they were already leading by the 16th minute. The Europeans finished the World Cup undefeated. A arena foi idealizada a partir do conceito arquitetônico de Oscar Niemeyer, que marca a cidade.

Another highpoint of the project is the Internally, the crowd may flow through the 50 ramps, 4 escalators, 60 stairs and 20 lifts. O gramado foi plantado com a espécie Bermuda celebration.

Designed as a multi-purpose arena, the stadium is facing some difficulties in keeping a recurring routine of activities.


Nevertheless, it has allowed Brasilia to be included onto the international concerts map. Pop singer Beyoncé, rock band Aerosmith and former Beatle Paul McCartney are some of the names that have played at the stadium ever since it was reopened. In addition, the stadium hosted a historic futsal match, when Brazil beat Argentina in a friendly that attracted 56, people to the venue, the biggest crowd ever recorded for that sport.

In addition, the roof enables energy savings, as it allows for natural ventilation, reducing the heat in the stadium. It also collects rainwater, so it may be reused in the stadium. All seats — retractable and in tones of red — have a roof over them and the first row starts 7.

The grass species used for the pitch is the Celebration Bermuda. Russos e coreanos deram exemplo de convivência pacíica. Nigerianos e bósnios izeram duelo tenso apenas nos gramados. O aeroporto ganhou um novo módulo operacional para a Copa. They were an international legion of people who played a major role in the symbolic moments seen in the 12 World Cup days in the Pantanal host city. Russians and Koreans gave an example of peaceful co-existence. Nigerians and Bosnians were involved in a tense affair, but only on the pitch.

In all, the stadium played host to , fans, an average of 39, per match. Adaptation works to roads in the surrounding area of the Pantanal Arena were also done. The airport got a new operational module for the World Cup. Campings e moradores que adotaram a modalidade de hospedagem alternativa obtiveram ganhos.

The Hotel sector reached full capacity, with the 21 thousand beds available being taken up during the tournament. Camp sites and residents who signed up to provide alternative lodgings reported good revenues.

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